I Smell...Death


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    Level 4
    Level 7
    Level 10
    Level 13
    Level 16
    Level 20
                                           Schackler is going to be to go to talent here as it gives you another slow to your arsenal and the slow is key towards your 16 talent and among other things such as securing kills. 

You may want to take Shade though, if you are going up against a team with a lot of Auto-Attacks for their main damage dealers.
Death's Reach
                                           Death's Reach increases the range of your Scythe, which gives you some better poke when that is needed on top of helping clearing waves at a safer distance.
Harvest Vitality
                                           Harvest Vitality is keep to survival as your Cursed Strikes now provide you with a heal for every enemy hero hit, so when facing a front line or grouped up heroes, you can get some huge heals off this.
Skeletal Mages
                                           Skeletal Mages is the preferred Ult for this build as the Mages will not only give you some zoning presence but another slow as well with the wall they create (heroes can walk through this wall but are going to be slowed). With this wall you can either zone  your enemies out making them have to come at you with slows on them or even use it to slow enemies trying to flee for a fight, securing more kills.

You can take Poison Nova, but for this build i suggest taking it if you are using to combo. Such as Cho'Gall's Upheaval, you let the Cho'Gall upheaval the enemies and then who is pulled in, you hit with Poison Nova is just 1 example. 
                                           Decrepify is another slow to your arsenal, on top with your talent 4 giving you more range to poke...now you can poke and slow and in some cases gives you that way your team can pounce on someone out of position. 
                                           With your Schakler, Skeletal Mages, Decrepify and your basic ability of Bone Prison, you have enough forms of CC to make Execution not only viable, but probably the best choice of your talent 16s. 

Also keep in mind Curse Strikes is a modifier so it will pair well with executioner on those slowed or prison targets, let alone what other CC's your teammates bring to the table. 
Mortal Wound
                                           Mortal Wound is going to make your enemy healer, cry a bit. With your extended range Scythe and slows, you should be able hit several targets and overall making the enemy healer's life a giant pain. Another option you could go especially if the enemy team is using a solo Tass (since Mortal Wound won't really effect shields)...

If you need more poke you can take Bone Spear. Bone Spear is also only a 10 second CD so you can fire that off a lot. At times when in a fray, using a bunch of your abilities adding Bone Spear is just another chunk of damage and will bring enemy heroes down.


Weak Against

  • Li-Ming
  • Muradin
  • Nova
  • Zeratul

Neutral Against

Strong Against

  • Arthas
  • Illidan
  • Kharazim
  • Leoric
  • Stitches
  • The Butcher


*Note* This is a guide for someone who already has a basic grasp on the hero, but is looking for a build and some ideas to improve their play with said character. That being said not every little detail is included, just the notes on playing this build. *

Hello again and welcome to another Rommel build! It's been a while my friends, but boy do I have a old time favorite and goodie for you. The Diablo 2 Necromancer has entered the Nexus, and BOY is he fun! Make sure to read each of the talents pop ups as some talents have options depending on your situation.

Xul is a powerful specialist atm. He has strong lane push, but like Zagara doesn't have much for escape so if you go to Ham, you can and will be punished. If left alone you can push and push because every enemy minion wave just gives you more "minions" yourself in the form of skeletons. Skeletons are fairly weak but they do provide more wave clear and will provide another tool to soak up some of your enemies turret/fort/keep ammo.

Xul is very strong with facing a lot of front liners, auto-attack and double tank teams. His Curse Strikes ability reduces basic attack speed (to the point a Stiches and Leoric look like they are just standing there between each basic attack) by 50%.

Between the slow options of this build and Xul's bone prison, enemies have a tough time getting away if they are trying to retreat and Bone Prison can be used nicely to begin or pair with ways to stun/root lock down enemies to secure kills. 

Be aware that Xul's trait to raise skeletons ONLY works on minions, you will not get skeletons from things like Merc Camps or objective adds like Garden Terror adds or Infernal Shrines' adds.

I hope this helps you out in the Nexus and I hope you have as much playing the Necromancer, Xul as much as I have! Please check out my social media sites, toss me a follow/like, throw this an up vote and/or leave a comment. I'll see you in the nexus! Boom, Cheers!

*Want more guides? See a list of my other guides here!*


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