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    Level 1
    Level 4
    Level 7
    Level 10
    Level 13
    Level 16
    Level 20
                                           This one is optional. Read description!
                                            No description.
Rathma's Blessing
                                            No description.
Skeletal Mages
                                           I just prefer it! But the other one can work as well.
Corpse Explosion
                                            No description.
Skeleton Mastery
                                            No description.
Bone Spear
                                           This one is also optional. Read description!


Weak Against

  • Murky
  • Valla
  • Zagara

Neutral Against

Strong Against

  • Artanis
  • Cho
  • Diablo
  • Li-Ming
  • Lt. Morales
  • Rehgar
  • Sgt. Hammer


While i am a great fan of the Executioner build for Xul i noticed that his full specialist build is also very awesome. What you sacrifice is some nice slows and more AA damage in TFs, but what you get is an insanely multiplied siege damage in the times between. You're not the camp capturer type of spec though, let others do that, your talent in pushing lanes is wasted if you do that.

Only things that are optional to the push build are the Level 1 shield and the Level 20 talents. When you're going against double Warrior setup or Cho'Gall then Backlash is highly advised. The poke and even more pushing power from Bone Spear is nice, but if your opponent team is healing heavy (Lt. Morales/Double support/ good selfhealers) you may consider taking Mortal. Some people also choose to boost their heroics and quite successful with it, i'm not a fan of it, but if you can make it work why not!

You can also choose Poison Nova if you want as the Heroic does not synergise with your talents in any way, but i think Mages are better and are undervalued. Because you push insanely with this build you will find yourself at your enemies' fort very early. If that happens the enemy might rotate to your lane having you as an easy target, but the wall can save your life if you put it down in time. Also it can turn the fate of TFs near an objective point as they either don't let your enemy chase your low health targets or you can chase down the enemy ones more easily.

Warning: You should consider NOT using this build when the match is about to be super teamfight heavy! I think the most favored maps are: Dragon Shire, Tomb of the Spider Queen, Cursed Hollow. But fear not, you're not completely useless in TFs (your base kit is what makes you good in TFs with any build), what really makes a difference is that instead of the healing of your W, Skeletal Warriors heal you instead. So if the TF is not on a lane, it doesn't give that much and diving in is much riskier. But because you have Jailors on level 4 this build gives a nice boost to the damage to rooted targets, which is when you really need any damage done to heroes. If my knowledge is right those two Skeletal Warriors benefit from all the talents you gain later, so they all heal you, blow up on the enemy, deal increased damage. Good thing is that Jailor is a not bad talent for Executioner build also (personally i think Death's Reach is overrated), so you only have to make your decision with the Level 7 pick.

Have fun trying it out!


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