In-game Shop Purchase Prices, Ability Preview Videos

In-game Shop Purchase Prices

The in-game shop is live and we've got price data! Currently the cheapest things available in the shop are the $3.99 tier of heroes (Demon Hunter, Malfurion, Muradin, and Raynor), and the most expensive thing is the Rainbow Unicorn at $19.99. Prices are in USD.

It's interesting to note that Valla the Demon Hunter will be given away for free to anyone who purchases the Diablo expansion before the end of March. Valla just so happens to be in the cheapest tier of heroes, alongside 2 heroes from WarCraft and 1 from StarCraft. Its quite possible we may see the other heroes in the $3.99 tier available as game purchase bonuses for SC2 Legacy of the Void and WoW Warlords of Draenor. Of course, they may have new heroes out closer to those game launches that would be more appropriate.

Hero Prices

Heroes are purchasable with the in-game currency gold, or with real money. There are currently three different price tiers for skins, and it's interesting to note that the gold to dollar prices are not linear. If you want to get the most out of your money, it's currently best to buy the $10 heroes over buying a couple of the lower tier heroes.

  • $9.99 - 1 Penny = 10 Gold
  • $7.49 - 1 Penny = 7.34 Gold
  • $3.99 - 1 Penny = 5 Gold
10,000 / $9.99 USD 5,500 / $7.49 USD 2,000 / $3.99 USD


Arthas Barbarian Demon Hunter
Kerrigan Diablo E.T.C. Malfurion
Nova Falstad Gazlowe Muradin
Stitches Illidan Sgt. Hammer Raynor
Witch Doctor Tassadar Tychus  
  Tyrael Tyrande  
  Uther Zeratul  

Skin Prices

Skins can only be purchased with real money. Prices range from $7.49 up to $14.99.

$7.49 USD$9.99 USD$12.49 USD
Blood Elf Tyrande Chef Stitches Glam Metal E.T.C. Ronin Zeratul Shan'do Illidan
Death Knight Arthas Grimskull Nazeebo WD Kaijo Diablo Seraphim Tyrael $14.99 USD
High Templar Zeratul Lumberjack Uther Lurkablo Diablo Spectre Nova Infested Tychus
Prince Arthas Magni Muradin Medic Uther Storm Mantle Malfurion Mecha Tassadar
Succubus Kerrigan Patriot Raynor Psycho Stitches Vampire Hunter DH  

Pure Country E.T.C.

Roller Derby Nova Wrath Barbarian  

Mount Prices

There aren't too many mounts in the game yet, and there are currently three different price tiers. The Rainbow Unicorn is currently the most expensive item in the game.

Hero Ability Video Previews

We've uploaded ability previews for the Heroes of Nexus! Head on over to our Youtube channel to check them all out. Don't forget to hit subscribe on our Youtube channel to be notified when we upload more heroes content!


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