Full List of Unreleased Hero Abilities

A few weeks ago, we brought you a list of heroes which we found evidence from the game client which supported their inclusion within the game itself. Today, we're going to take this a step further and present you with all the abilities that we have been able to gather for these heroes. Some heroes from our previous list do not have abilities, others have only a couple, and some appear to have a full set.

As with all unreleased, datamined content, this information is subject to change. See below for the full list of abilities!

Unreleased Hero Abilities

  •  Anub'arak
    • Impale Burrow-Charge Spawn Beetles Carrion Swarm Protrusion Regenerating Carapace
  •  Azmodan
    • Demon Commander Demon Explosion Demon Gate Globe of Annihilation Pool of Destruction
  •  Blademaster
    • Bladestorm
  •  Chen
    • Pandamonium Storm, Earth, and Fire Breath of Fire Keg Smash Drunken Master
  •  Cho'gall
    • Engulfing Darkness
  •  Jaina
    • Blizzard Cone of Cold Frostbolt Volley Water Elemental Frost Nova Deluge Ice Lance Ice Barrier
  •  Kael'thas
    • Anti-Gravity Combustion Flamestrike Phoenix Burning Impact (Passive)
  •  Li Li
    • Water Serpent Have Drink Cloud Serpent Rose Petals Juggle Cups
  •  Mekkatorque
    • Launch Seeker
  •  Mengsk
    • Post Bounty Build Propaganda Tower Psi Emitter Xel Naga Artifact
  •  Murky
    • Egg Bomb Explode Flotsam Lob Sonar Surrender March of the Murlocs
  •  Rexxar
    • Axe Throw Thunder Fury Battle Cry Summon Thunder Lizard Summon Eagle
  •  Sylvanas
    • Banshee Cry Curse Dark Arrow Plague Shadow Blast Will of the Forsaken
  •  Thrall
    • Frost Shock Lava Lash Unleash Elements Lightning Shield Earthbind Totem
  •  Zagara
    • Spawn Mutalisk Baneling Barrage Hatch Infested Terran Nydus Worm Spawn Hydralisk


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