New Skins: Spectre Illidan and Explorer Li Li, Upcoming Skin: Kandy King Muradin

New Skin: Spectre Illidan

As the terrazine haze cleared from his mind, Illidan saw what he had become. His body had mutated, grown irreversably addicted... But it did not matter. The power was worth any price.

New Skin: Explorer Li Li

The Explorer's League is known for their progressive stance on accepting members of all species into their ranks. If you've got a heart that longs for adventure and discovery, you're in!

Upcoming Skin: Kandy King Muradin

Oh sure, you say you want to be King of Kandy Mountain... but the second a Gummy Dragon shows up, you'll be fleeing to Sugar Plum Valley like the rest. Heavy is the head that wears the cupcake crown.

Data files for Kandy King Muradin were added in today's patch but we still don't have models. Hopefully we will see them in the next update!


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