Skin Spotlight: Lurkablo, Dailies, Cross-Team Chat, Snowballing, Reconnecting, Smartcasting

Skin Spotlight: Lurkablo

Mrglglglgl! Being bad never felt so good. In tonight's Skin spotlight, we're getting up close and personal with.. a Murloc. This isn't just any Murloc though, this is a Murloc from Hell! This diablo-ical murloc is available in three tints (Turquoise, Orange/Purple, Peachy) and can currently be purchased in the shop for $9.99. See below for a video of the skin in action and skin comics!

Blue Posts

Dustin Browder, Blizzard's resident Rock, took to the forums to answer some questions.

Hero Rotation and Dailies

Daily quests are okay. It would be nice if you got gold all the time, even if it's some small amount, but whatever. This is the second time though that I've gotten [Diablo Character] and [Support Character] at the same time. This seems to be the only combination that can't be completed at the same time. I know there will likely be several heroes added before release, but 1 of them should definitely be a Diablo Support character.

On the same topic, the free rotation should always support all possible quests. This simply means at least 1 hero from each universe and 1 hero of each role. With 6 heros and only 3 universes and 4 roles, this is pretty easy, though it also limits the rotation. I'd be surprised if this wasn't already the case in game, just felt it should be mentioned next to my primary point above.

We will add more heroes (and probably more rotation slots) in the future to help address this issue. Will fix!

Cross Team Chat

We could add a "GG" at the end of the game. I like that idea as well.

I do not imagine we are every going to allow cross-team chat for unranked play. While I agree with many on this thread that it is fun to do some trash talk, there are simply too many people who don't like the trash talk and it damages their experience too much to have it.

The Snowball Effect

We did do some fixes to our XP system to reduce some of the snowballing. We have a few more fixes incoming in a future patch. Most of my games are pretty close these days but I know for some players that is not the case. The challenge is making it so you have a chance to come back if you are behind but to also make it so your actions have consequence. We don't want you to be playing badly and know that "it doesn't matter, the game will catch me up automatically.

We'll keep working on it. Thanks for the thread on this and thanks for playing. =)

Match Rejoining After Disconnect

A man of many words.

Agreed. Will fix.


Game feels clunky/awkward without being able to push a skill button and have it go where your cursor is pointing

Will fix.


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