Early Map Preview: Plants, Zombies, and the Groundskeeper

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This Week's Hero Rotation

The hero rotation has been updated. Li Li is the free to play hero slot hero for this week and Raynor remains free to play.




Sgt. Hammer


Li Li


Early Map Preview: Plants, Zombies, and the Groundskeeper

Disclaimer: Blizzard has not made an official announcement about this map.

References to a new map have been spotted in the game client. This map appears to be much like the Haunted Mines where you need to collect items from minions in order to satisfy the grand objective, only instead of Undead and Skulls, its Zombies and seeds. Zombies come out at night, yes, there is a day and night cycle, and they drop seeds once they've been slain. Once your team has collected 100 seeds, you will plant them to summon yourselves a Plant Horror. The map itself is voiced by an NPC referred to as the Groundskeeper, which makes me feel like theres a zombie on my lawn.

Below you will find strings which are related to the map.

Creep Voiceover

For the most part, these appear to be placeholders.

Golem Summoned Repeat - Weaker Golem Summoned Repeat - Equal Night in 30 seconds - First Night in 30 seconds - Repeat
Night begins - First Night ends in 30 seconds Night begins - First Night ends in 30 seconds
Night ends 100 seeds collected Haven't summoned repeat Plant Spawned - Ally
Plant Spawned - Enemy Plant Spawned - Ally (Enemy Active) Plant Spawned - Enemy (Ally Active) Plant killed - Ally
Plant killed - Enemy Plant killed - Ally (Enemy Active) Plant killed - Enemy (Ally Active) Night begins - Repeat
Gardens Groundskeeper Got a live one here! You'll regret that

Groundskeeper Voiceovers

Read on to see the Groundskeeper at work.

Heroes, the night falls in 30 seconds! Soon the horrors will walk again! Night is coming, heroes. The horrors will return! Oh, no... Night has come once more! The night comes shortly, heroes.
Nightfall begins in 30 seconds, heroes. I hope you're ready. The horrors have risen! Kill them, and collect their seeds, quickly! The horrors have risen... Oh, no... they're back... Kill them all!
The horrors have returned! Slay them, before it is too late! Slaughter these abominations, take their seeds! Dawn's first light! 30 seconds until this nightmare is over! Dawn breaks in 30 seconds, heroes!
There! I can see the light! Daylight is coming! Not long now, the sun is rising! Finally, the sun! We should be safe for now. We've survived... Oh, thank heaven, the accursed night is over.
I've never been happier to see the sun! It's over for now... The light will keep those horrors at bay. You've collected 100 seeds! You can use them to summon a horror of our own! One we can control at least. Finally, 100 seeds. Plant them here, and you can summon a horror we can control!
You did it! Plant those seeds here, and summon a horror you can control! You should really plant those seeds, heroes. Might want to plant those seeds now. What are you waiting for? The seeds! Plant them!
Not much of a greenthumb, are you? You can plant those seeds now. Plant the seeds! Unless of course you DON'T want to control a rampaging monster. There! Your horror has come to life! Use it to crush your enemy! Well done! You can use that horror to destroy you're enemy's forts!
Nicely done. That horror can lay waste to your enemy! Heroes, your enemy has summoned a horror! Oh no, the enemy has summoned a horror first! Your enemy has summoned a horror!
Your horror has come to life. That should even things out a bit! That horror should come in handy about now, I'd think. Your horror has been summoned. I hope it can stop your enemy's. Heroes, your enemy has also summoned a horror!
It seems your enemy now has a horror of their own! Your enemy now controls a horror as well! Your horror has fallen. Your enemy has destroyed your horror.
Your horror has been slain. Well done! Your enemy's horror has fallen. You've destroyed the enemy's horror. Excellent, the enemy horror has been slain.
Your horror has fallen! You must find a way to stop your enemy's horror, quickly! The enemy's horror still lives, heroes! You will have to stop your enemy without that horror now! Your enemy's horror has fallen! Press onward, heroes!
You've destroyed their horror! Nothing can stop you now! Their horror has been slain! Keep going, heroes!


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