Skin Spotlight: Psycho Stitches

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Skin Spotlight: Psycho Stitches

Stitches Vorhees! Today we're taking a look at Stitches cosplaying as Jason Vorhees, or better known as Psycho Stitches! This skin is available in three colors (Blue, Brown, and Camo), and goes for $9.99 in the Heroes shop. See below for a video of the skin in action, and skin comics!


  • #1 fredy

    nice dota 2 copy-paste

  • #2 Sophexis

    searched around, really, your such a fanboy..., its not even close to a copy paste, it just "sorta looks like" pudge, but its funny, if you don't like it, what are you even doing here, go back to the dota2 forums?

    Last edited by Sophexis on 6/12/2014 10:47:50 AM
  • #3 moveth

    Not to mention Pudge is a copy paste of the original DOTA character, who was an Abom, from Warcraft. Lol.

  • #4 Sophexis

    u my friend, deserve many high fives!, so its actually dota that copy pasted it off of warcraft 3, which makes it the entire other way around fredy, i wonder if, when i wake up, there will be a response from him

  • #5 derpinoderp

    You calling him a "fanboy" is rather ironic as to what you're doing right now.

    He has a point, I also looked. The copy-paste he's probably referring to is not the actual character, it's the skin pertaining to that character. Look for yourself before you insult someone.

    The facemask, the chainsaw, the outfit,... etc. Keep in mind in Dota 2 you can mix and match items, so not one piece is exclusive to a set. 

    Keep an open mind yeah?


  • #6 Sophexis

    not if its like that, people like that should just stick to they're games forums and not waste time posting negative feedback, or in his case, not feedback at all, just stupidity

    Last edited by Sophexis on 6/13/2014 1:52:11 AM
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