Skin Spotlight: Mecha Tassadar, Town Hall #17

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Skin Spotlight: Mecha Tassadar

Tassadar, High Templar in Disguise! In today's Skin Spotlight, we're taking a look at Mech Tassadar! This skin is available in three colors (Yellow, Blue, and Red), and goes for $14.99 in the Heroes shop. See below for a video of the skin in action, and skin comics!

Town Hall #17

Town Hall is a Heroes of the Storm podcast featuring SolidJakeZoiaOmegablackmage, and Schamtoo while they discuss the latest going on with Heroes and discuss the game at a higher level. On this week's episode, the Town Hall crew discussed Nazeebo the Witch Doctor's playstyle, talents, and overall impressions; and they discussed the Haunted Mines changes.

Previous episodes of Town Hall can be found on their Youtube channel.


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