Skin Spotlight: Kandy King Muradin

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Skin Spotlight: Kandy King Muradin

Omnomnom! In tonight's skin spotlight we're taking a look at one of the new skins from the latest tech alpha patch, Kandy King Muradin. We caught our first glimpse of this glorious skin back at PAX East 2014, where it sparked up quite a bit of talk of being the most super awesome skin. The skin is not currently available in the store, but will be available in three different skin tints (Kandy King, Caramel, Sour Apple).

Which Kandy King Tint do you like the best?


  • #2 awsmdawson

    Kandy King Murdain (pink/default color) is the greatest skin of all the skins.

  • #1 RockJohnAxe

    I think the default is the best.

    The Caramel looks bad and it looks like he has a dog poo on his head.

    I also love how the M&Ms on his hammer  have a B on them. Very original Blizz :P

    Last edited by RockJohnAxe on 7/5/2014 12:08:33 AM
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