Available Announcer Packs, Announcer Strings / Audio

Announcer Packs

The omni-present announcer / narrator of our game. She is calm and pleasant and informs players of what's occurring in the game.

We have datamined several announcer packs in varying completion statuses. Only the default and Abathur announcers have audio files for their voices, which makes it look like the other voiceovers are not finished yet or they were temporarily pulled from the client.

List of Announcers
Default (Strings + Voiceovers) Covetous Shen (Minimal Strings) Forsaken (Named)
Abathur (Strings + Voiceovers) Deckard Cain (Minimal Strings / Abathur dupes) Gnome (Named)
Cho (Strings) Human (Minimal Strings) Night Elf (Named)
Rock n' Roll Racing (Partial Strings) Orc (Minimal Strings)  
Adjutant (Partial Strings) Blood Elf (Named)  

Announcer Voiceover Strings / Audio

If you're interested in seeing and, in some cases, hearing what the announcers say, we've got 'em for you below. It should be noted that only the default and Abathur announcers currently have voiceovers, and it is unknown how announcers will be obtained. In other games, like DotA2 and Heroes of Newerth, announcers are a cosmetic upgrade which are purchased with real money. Click here to view the voiceovers.


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